Track through Botswana in 2015

2015-03 JNB-BOT-ZIM bis VicFalls

We started in Johannesburg and crossed the border to BOT at Martin’s Drift on the 19th of March. On the 30th of March we continued our journey into Zimbabwe via Kazungula. There we stayed only one day before we crossed the Zambesi River into Zambia. 
(The days in Zimbabwe and Zambia were just for transit into Malawi. That is why we included this section into our Malawi-Blog.)

Stages in Botswana:

  • border crossing at Martin’s Drift 
  • Kharma Rhino Sanctuary
  • Kubu Island
  • Nata Bird’s Sanctuary
  • Pantamatenga - Lodge Touch of Africa
  • Kazungula - Senyati River Lodge
  • border crossing at Kazungula into Zimbabwe
  • further on to the Victoria Falls border crossing into Zambia over the Zambesi River

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