How did we like it?

+ nature without border lines for wild game; nowhere else elephants can roam around freely like here

+ unique landscape: Okavango Delta, Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, Kalahari (visited during earlier travels)

+ reasonable infrastructure, relatively safe

- unfortunately mass tourism has reached its peak: there are now one-way streets in the Chobe NP!

- Despite privatisation the NP administration is simply not in a position to effectively handle reservations. They have no clue about utilisation of camps. As a consequence one is not allowed to drive into the park, whereas it turned out later that half the space was not occupied. 

- bizarr price level for tourists: lodges charging 800 USD pp represent the average. Camp sites costing 40 - 50 USD pp are common

- the people we met were not the most friendly, at least this was our impression after the very positive experience in Zimbabwe

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