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Our Journey in 2014

There are many things to see in Botswana: the massiv amount of game along the Chobe River and in the Okavango Delta, the loneliness of a wide landscape from one horizon to the other in the salt pans around Lekhubu Island and in the Kalahari semi-desert. We visited Botswana in 2009 for the first time but this time the welcome was a little bit reserved. …

Track through Botswana in 2014

Via Kazungula in the far north-eastern corner we entered the country from Zimbabwe. Already one week later we left Botswana via Ngoma Bridge into the Caprivi Strip of Namibia.  

  • border crossing from Zimbabwe at Kazungula 
  • Kasane: river cruise on the Chobe River
  • Chobe NP: Ihaha Camp
  • border crossing into Namibia at Ngoma Bridge  

Track through Botswana in 2015

2015-03 JNB-BOT-ZIM bis VicFalls

We started in Johannesburg and crossed the border to BOT at Martin’s Drift on the 19th of March. On the 30th of March we continued our journey into Zimbabwe via Kazungula. There we stayed only one day before we crossed the Zambesi River into Zambia. 
(The days in Zimbabwe and Zambia were just for transit into Malawi. …

How did we like it?

+ nature without border lines for wild game; nowhere else elephants can roam around freely like here

+ unique landscape: Okavango Delta, Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, Kalahari (visited during earlier travels)

+ reasonable infrastructure, relatively safe

- unfortunately mass tourism has reached its peak: there are now one-way streets in the Chobe NP!

Facts about the Country

  • area: 581.000 qkm (D: 357.000 qkm)
    thereof arable: 0,45 % (D: 33 %)
  • inhabitants: 2.1 Mio (D: 81 Mio)
  • life expectation: 55,7 Jahre (D: 80,2 Jahre)
  • HIV infection rate: 24,8 % (D: 0,1 %)
  • children underfed: 11,2 % (D: 1,1 %)
  • GDP per capita: 16.800 USD (D: 39.100 USD)
  • water consumption per capita/year: 107 qm (D: 391 qm)

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